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Zero to Hero [NUTS] [Eu event Sundays and Mondays]


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Hi guys The [NUTS] gaming community have started our newest zero to hero event! we all voted on our next toons class and race! we start the game from the beginning and go to the end tying up any lose ends we have before the next expansion! however this time were extending the invite to everyone!


We have all made FEMALE CHAR MESMERS

We all have the shortest body type and white fur, Fanged dread mesmer masks for our story option followed bye a sorcerous shaman guided by reeva in the ash legion and were full of charm

(those are the story options when creating your character)

our group has decided to have similar names but not compulsory we are

Nuts Clone I

Nutsclone II

Nuts clone III

Nuts clone IV

Nuts Clone V

Nuts clone VI

Those names 1 -11 are taken but like we say not compulsory just a bit of fun and when we jump into wvw for some map completes would be quite amusing. but we plan on 100% map and story complete from the base game HoT and PoF mopping up any collections missing jumping puzzles NPC kills side events meta trains etc if this sounds like something that you would like to take part in message me in game our join our discord! https://discord.gg/rnBFJEn7uh

We post our progress in the dedicated discord channel so if someone cant make it on an event day they can catch up and not get left behind, We plan to run the event most sundays and mondays from 6.30pm gmt+1 for 2 hour slots a time (or more if all people can stay) . join our discord channel for more information <3 !


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